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Enchant Rate
- Enchant Rate 50%
- Enchant Weapon Max = 25
- Max Enchant Armor = 25
- Enchant security = 3
- Enchant systems are sold as scrolls (need to buy).
Rates and Information Server Level
- Rate Xp 3500.
- Rate Sp 2000.
- From level 80.
- Maximum 95.
Growing Areas costum
- Cave of Trials (S-S80 Farm / PvP only).
- Ruins of Despair (agricultural Just do not ks).
- The Graveyard (Agriculture Party)
PvP Zones costum
- Orc Village (S-S80 Grade PvP only).
- Gludin (general PvP / Trade Area).
Nobless and Olympiad & Heroes
- You can get the status Nobless February 1 ways, can buy Caradine letter of the mysterious Merchant, or may Raid Flame of Splendor Barakiel.
- All you need to do is press Barakiel before dying, and you automatically win the Nobless state.
- However, just being Nobless dose not eligible to join the Grand Olympiad Games,
- You must be level 86 or higher and have more than 600 PvP to participate.
- Grand Olympiad Games last 2 weeks in the heroes of whom shall be elected on the second Saturday of each period.
- The days when games Grand Olympiad running are different every day,
- The times are staggered throughout the week, so every day different start time to accommodate people of all time zones.
- Heroes Hero 2 Key skills are based on race, one mage skill and combat skill except Kamaels and Dwarfs, you only get one skill.
- There are 2 sets.
- 1) Sabriel entry Kamaloka NPC can be found in Gludin (Level 87 +, size Party 3, PVPS 20 +, Reuse 24 hours)
- 2) Raid instance boss offers you a choice of 1 Raid boss to kill the NPC Cahira entry can be found in Aden (Level 87 +, party size 4-8, PVPS 300 +, 50 + Fame, once a week).
In-Game • Botting - No botting or any third party programs. Don't use your brother/cousin to farm. if you get caught you will be permantly banned. • Using macro for farm - It's not allowed to create a farm macro and keep the button pressed with an object while you are in front of the computer or not. Any character found moving without a person controlling it will be punished. - If the character is afk while using macro, same punishment as botting will be applied. • Dual clients/boxing - You may not control two characters or more to help farm, heal, buff or to assist in PvP. The only exception to this would be that of using a secondary character to use as a seller in Giran or for trading items between accounts (only in town). Controlling two or more characters by only one person is considered dual box. It doesn't matter if they are physically two different computers or different IPs. - Main character jailed 10,000 minutes and all other characters that are logged in banned • Impersonate Staff - Please do it so we can ban you. - Permanent ban and if we manage to know who you are, your main character will be banned along with the other one • Accusing Staff Members - Unless you have any type of evidence to support your story that a staff member was abusing power, don't do it. - Jail or chatban can be applied depending on the accusations. this can go up to a 7.500 minutes chatban or 7,500 minutes of jail time. If a GM is abusing power you should report this to another GM. You can try sending a PM directly on forums so it can stay between the GM and you only. The whole staff list can be found Guests cannot see links in the messages. Please register to forum by clicking here to see links. • PvP Farm - You are not allowed to farm PvPs. Your pvp, pvp tokens and fames will be wiped along with your levels. Also, your character will be jailed for 10,000 minutes • Spam - Pretty much self-explanatory. Character chatbanned for 750 minutes. Repeated offense will lead you to a 1,000 minutes chatban. NEW: Massive spam (as in a whole clan spamming the same nonsense) will be punished with jail. Please don't disrupt the other players game with your walls of text, thx. • Flaming - Do it tastefully, don't be dumb and flame staff members. You will regret it. Distasteful flaming toward another player will deserve a 2,000 minutes chatban OR 5,000 minutes jail time depending on your flame level. • Flaming staff members - Flaming a staff member will result in a chatban (Time depends on the flame level but can go from 2,500 to 10,000 minutes). Also, a character permanent ban can be applied depending on your flame level • Advertise - Advertising other server is forbidden, advertising you have items from other server wanting to trade for L2Pride items is forbidden. Results in a permanent ban • Selling items for real currency - This has been stated in the forum rules section, but is added here to make it more evident. Selling ingame items or accounts for real currency is forbidden. This rule works the other way around as well: BUYING ACCOUNTS IS FORBIDDEN. If enough evidence is collected during investigation, it results in a permanent ban. So if you bought an account, YOU WILL LOSE MONEY. • False Bot Reports - Only use it when you are sure. You will receive 2 warnings, then you will be jailed for 2,500 minutes • Account Responsibly - You are responsible for your account, we do not reimburse items. You are risking your account, if you are sharing it with friends/family members, playing at unsecured PCs, or playing at a internet cafe. if u get scammed this is your own fault and we can not undo your mistakes • Scam - self-explanatory. - If caught, a permanent ban will be awaiting you without the chance of ever getting unbanned. We will also ban all other characters involved in the case even if it's your friend, etc. • Training Mobs - Do not train mobs on another party or a player on purpose of killing them. - Results in a 1,000 minutes jail time on first offense, repeated offence will result in a 2,500 minutes jail time. • Chat - Hero/Shout is English only. Do not asked to be recalled/party or ask a GM to speak to you, that is what the petition system is for. Don't ask to unban/unchat ban/unjail a player. Do not ask for events. -Hero chat other then English will be punished by 750 minutes chatban for the first offense, then 1,000 minutes for second offense and then you will lose your hero and we will wipe your points/matches/count for the whole period at the third offense. If you are caught again after the third time, your hero/points/matches/count will be automatically removed each time u break this rule again. • Bugs - If a bug is found, you must report it immediately. - If we find you abusing a bug, your character will be permanently banned. If you report it, you MIGHT get a little reward • Do not annoy GMs - Please don't bother GM's constantly asking for help, we aren't here to hold your hands as you journey through L2, you should know basic game mechanics. - If you keep annoying the staff, you will be chatbanned for 200 minutes, repeat offenses will result in an increased time • Olympiad - You're only allow 1 character per player. Meaning, you join on that character you are only allow to compete that character, you may not compete on an alt character or a friend's character. - If you get hero with two character, both of your hero/points will be removed for the current period. If caught participating with two characters, you will be jailed for 4,500 minutes and we will remove ur hero/points as well.Also, repeated offender will be jailed for 30,000 minutes. • Olympiad (2) - You are not allowed to feed points from another player. - People caught feeding will get all their points removed and will be jailed for 10,000 minutes. If you are hero, your hero status will be removed for the current period along with your points and 10,000 minutes jail. Also, repeated offender will get their points removed and will be jailed for 30,000 minutes. • Sieges Castle/Fortress - If a clan owns a castle, they are forbidden from appearing in another Castle's Siege. Anyone caught in violation of this rule will be punished harshly. This includes, creating alts/alt clan in an attempt to take another castle or assist an attacking clan in taking the castle. - If a clan isn't registered, they are forbidden from appearing in a Castle Siege.If they're heroes from Olympiad they can enter the siege ground even if they're not registered. - You are not allowed to spawn the headquarters inside the castle. This includes bugging it into walls. Refer to bug abusing rule. - You are not allowed to take the low geared castle making alt characters. If any of the characters on your account is in a clan owning another castle, you will be punished. -You are not allowed to kill other players in Aden Town while there's a siege in progress by using other items than S Grade. Breaking this rule results in any members of the said clan jailed for 7,000 minutes, the clan leader can get an increased time up to a maximum of 15,000 minutes -Fortress sieges only attackers and their ally allowed to attack and not non registered clans,same for defenders fortress owners and their ally (if they have). Also you're not allowed to close the doors while there's a fortress battle in progress and you bug the attackers to not let them get the flag. - If a clan owns a castle, they are forbidden from appearing in another fortress siege. Anyone caught in violation of this rule will be punished harshly. This includes, creating alts/alt clan in an attempt to take another fortress or assist an attacking clan in taking the fortress. Our GMs are intelligent enough to know when you are botting, dual boxing, violating server rules. We are not require to show evidences of wrongdoing to the general public. If mistakes were made we will correct it. We aren't afraid to admit we made a mistake.

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